Here are the Road Scholars explaining their choices in a 550 restoration.

“After the finished metalwork was sealed in epoxy primer, it was sanded and prepped to show as many of the original construction details as possible once the GT Silver paintwork was laid down.

“Historically, these cars have been over-restored and these imperfections have been smoothed and filled. We chose to leave the hammer marks, gas welds and slight deviations in the cabin, door jams and front trunk after studying the construction and finishes of the last 550 Spyder and most original example in existence, chassis 550-0090.”

I built the blue car in the same spirit, leaving in hammer marks and even creating simulated weld fillets to better ape the original cars as they really were, and not necessarily how they were rebuilt and restored in the 1990s and 2000s. I hope these guys’ expertise converts a few Porsche people to the merits of my choices.

(From Roads Scholars Instagram)


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