Cold Start

Nice day today so I rolled the Spyder off the lift and into the sunlight and fired her up for a short jaunt around town. She started easily, idled smoothly and ran well. After she came up to temperature I ran her to 5800 RPM or so through first and second gear and that was as fun and undramatic as always. I wanted to see if any oil would drip from the oil pressure and temperature sending unit, and I expected some would. But none did, according to the paper towel I wiped around and under those fittings on my return.

Here’s the initial start, unedited. My phone was just propped on a trash can and that’s why it shifted after the car started.

This car is still for sale.

Addendum: I’ve heard enthusiasts wax poetic about the sounds Porsche engines make, in contrast to those of lowly VW engines. There are men who claim they can tell a Super 90 from a hopped-up Type 1 at 50 paces, whether at trackside or from across a crowded concourse. And the sound of a Four-Cam? It’s an otherworldly thing, Mythical and seldom heard but then easily distinguishable from a CB Performance VW engine by almost anyone.

Or so I am told.

So here is a startup video of the ex-Jean Behra 550-0067 from its appearance at The Quail several years ago. Worth hearing, and contrasting, imho.


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