This car is indeed for sale

UPDATE (11/19/2021) The car is still available! My prospective buyer put down a non-refundable deposit, drove 2000+ miles from Utah with a trailer, inspected the car intently (he’s a former insurance appraiser), pronounced it very good, lowered himself in the driver’s seat for half an hour, discussed adjusting the pedals to get more leg room (can be done, I think!) agreed to meet at the bank this morning to consummate the deal, then called last night with misgivings: his hips hurt; he doesn’t fit comfortably in the driver’s seat. This morning he canceled the sale.

(11/14/21) SALE PENDING

The time has come to set 550-00B1 free. This has been a gratifying journey no matter the final sale price.

If you’re arriving here from my ad in Hemmings, welcome. This blog documents the build pretty completely going back to my initial purchase of the kit in 2017. If you’re really interested in what I did and how, jump back and read from the beginning. This is a warts-and-all account or a three-plus-year project, so if you’re seriously considering buying this car it might be worth your time.

Heck, if you’re seriously considering buying any plastic 550 replica, it’s probably worth your time.

The car is running beautifully and gets exercised every couple weeks. I was hoping last week to drive it to the Air & Auto Classic in Virginia Beach but a bad weather forecast scuttled that trip. Yesterday I drove it to the cars & coffee show at Hunt Valley Horsepower and it got a lot of positive attention as always.

One admirer told me he was looking to see if he could fit in it, so I notched the seat back two clicks (I’m 5’7) and showed him how. He lowered himself into the car and exclaimed “wow, I could actually drive this thing!”

He was 6’4, trim—probably 210 lbs. Should’ve taken a picture.


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