Engine back in. Interior almost done.

Last week I got tired of waiting for my new oil lines to arrive and reinstalled the engine in the chassis.


Everything’s in loose but it’s in there.

I spent this weekend on the interior. That’s mostly done too. The firewall was way trickier than I’d envisioned. I also made a pair of anchors for the (potential) folding top, and screwed them in through the vinyl as original. The top strap holders are all in as well.


There are some obvious differences in detail between the Thunder Ranch cockpit’s shape and the originals, but I’m pretty stoked for how close we’re getting. Below: Spyder Factory’s near-flawless effort.

Now to tighten all the bolts, change the leaky front passenger caliper, bleed the brakes and clutch, put some oil back in the engine and trans, and finish up!


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