She run

Decided to go ahead and try to start her this afternoon. Started right up.

I didn’t let her run long at first because I had no oil pressure light. The Gen light was not working either.

So I looked over those wires, pulled the gauge, tested the bulbs. It all seemed weird. Then I checked the leads to the bulbs. Both were grounds….

That’s when the figurative lightbulb went off in my head: Of course! The signals are grounds. But the bulb sockets are grounded already. These ports need those special two-prong bulb holders with the plastic insulation! The red wires with the + charge were already hanging back there.

So I dug around in some boxes, found a couple two-prongers and plugged them in.

Et voila!

She’s only hitting on three cylinders. Number four isn’t firing for some reason, but that’s probably something that can be figured out.

Spent the past few weeks sorting wires. Got the headlights working right and made a nifty mount for the relays, so just a few more wires left to get done before we put the car together.




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