Crawling toward the finish line

It’s been over a month since I updated, and in that time I finished the oil lines (I think), finished the brake lines, bled the brakes, tackled the signal light wiring, re-made the turn latches for the hood, pondered the headlight dimmer/dipper switch and relays, and painted the headers. Every goddamn thing took forever and didn’t work the first try.

The headers were today so I have those pics handy so here they are.IMG_3721.JPG

Started by dry-fitting the mufflers, one at a time, and tilting them so they’ll fit inside the frame rails. Then I marked them for my new flanges.

The flanges wouldn’t fit on the pipes, so I sliced the pipes and bent them smaller to shrink them, then marked the flanges where they had to go and tacked them on.


With both of those done I let them hang and checked the tail pipe fit.

IMG_3710It doesn’t. Needs to be spread about 3 1/2 inches to meet the muffler exits. No matter: that gives me an excuse to fabricate tiny resonators to put in in there.


Pulled the pipes off and stripped them for paint.

IMG_3716I bought some Rustoleum header paint yesterday and was shaking it up with the pipes hanging clean before I read the directions: NEED HIGH HEAT PRIMER.

Well, fuck.

Ran back to Home Depot for the primer. They don’t carry it. Was about to give up when I noticed this other Rustoleum product—high heat BBQ paint. Specifically says no primer needed. So I bought that and used it. The HAMB guys swear by this stuff. Whatever.


Three light coats and I’ll throw them on the grill tomorrow and cook ’em at 500f. Onward.

I had planned to have this car ready to show at the Lime Rock Historics. They’re next week, so nope, again.

I signed up to show this car in six weeks or so in Virginia Beach, so I guess there’s one more deadline to blow before the 2019 season ends.


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