Tank finished, brakes bled, oil lines (almost) made, coil bracket fabricated, and a nice leather hold down strap

Finished the fuel tank cover off with a realistic looking vent, which I molded out of fiberglass and resin. IMG_3506

It’s functional with the vent attached from the filler neck.

I also tested the fuel gauge with the sender from Bridget and managed to blow out Bridget’s fuel gauge thereby. Ordered a new sender but not sure what went wrong so I’m now moving even more slowly on the wiring.

CADded-up a pretty convincing coil bracket.IMG_3444IMG_3461

Installed the leather straps and buckles to hold the spare tire in place whilst red-lining down the Mulsanne Straight (as one does).IMG_3455

Looked in my dwindling boxes of parts and dug out the blue-braided hydraulic fluid hose, which is proper for late VWs, Spyders and all these cars. It’s 7mm and I had a deuce of a time jamming it on the plastic nipples on top of the master cylinder and under the remote reservoir. But it held.

Drained fluid into the system and started pumping. Realized too late that I should’ve mounted this puppy higher, as it sits lower than the bleeder screws in back. Almost got pedal… This is gonna take just a little more effort.


Filled the trans with 75-90 synthetic. And the passenger side axle boot leaks. Ordered new ones….

IMG_3442I got a #8 AN fitting and an AN10-to 3/8 pipe thread adaptor so I set about finishing my oil lines.

Getting hose cut to length and the fitting installed wasn’t bad, but then I noticed two things.

  1. The line’s just a little bit longer than it needs to be, which creates a slightly uncomfy stress when installing the filter housing; and
  2. I was missing the other needed fitting.

Ordered another 8AN, this one straight. When that came I eagerly connected stuff and went to measure for the final hose cut, and


uh oh.

See that lower hose? That needs to connect to the open fitting, top right. It’s three inches away, and not straight at all.

So many fittings stacked up, the hose itself would only be 4 inches. Which isn’t long enough to bend to where it needs to go.

Thinking I’ll loop it. But the exhaust pipe is also closer to this than I’d like it to be, so maybe that won’t work either. I may end up bolting or welding a bit to the mount for this, to lift it up an inch. I may end up starting over with more flexible nylon braided hose.


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