Front trunk & fuel tank fettle

Spent a few recent weekends away from Projekt Spyder. My MG needed attention (the engine came out and went back in twice because I botched a head gasket job) and family obligations intervened.

Still, progress was made.


Karen helped me put the hood back on the other day so I could test fit my tank cover and sundries. It took a minute but the hood closes now, the turn-lock pins are installed and functional, the center latch is installed, the rubber bump stops are installed, the tank hold down straps are made, the battery and hold-down strap is installed, the ground wires are routed, the inner frunk is painted and so are the various cover plates, which I made.

At this point, the tank cover is in its final fettling stages, and I think it’s looking real nice.

Here’s a little photo-essay covering the last few weeks of spare (27) hours:














IMG_3319With the battery secured under the correct-style banded hold-down and black-painted wood block, I made two more similar hold-downs for the fuel tank.



Tank cover back in for final fitting…



IMG_3336Tried to latch the hood—no good! The tank vent and front edges of the tank both hit. IMG_3340Removed the offending brass bit (above, just off center,down and to the right of the filler cap). Shuffled the tank ends inboard a half inch and down like a quarter. Closure!

Then set about reinstalling the hood pins and installing the hood bump stops to get the edges nice and even.



The straps fit too. Barely. IMG_3351Here’s the Spyder Factory’s shot of one of their near-perfect replicas of 0090:Spyder factory fuel tank with straps

What’s so amazing to me is that the original tanks were even bigger—four or five inches longer to the front!

Still, a pretty decent likeness, I think. And now it’s down to the final-final stuff: welding in longer skirts to the ends of the tank (since I had to narrow the cover a little to clear the hood, the bottom edges of the tank are visible), a little filler, a newly-designed (and lower) vent, and riv-nuts for the hinge mounts and real tank mount. And paint. The tank will be hammer tone silver since I don’t even know what “terne plating” is.

I also need to source five correct-looking screws for my fake fuel level sender.








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