Blockheads, Vol. 1

For the past several weeks I have been, in my spare time and when the sun was shining, dry-blocking the car out with 180 grit. The body was not so bad to start with, but a very talented painter I roped into coming down and looking at the car ran his hands over it and told me to do it.IMG_2289

Blocking isn’t really hard, as long as you have endless time and a taste for dust. I also spent like $100 on professional paper on a roll and one long(ish) Durablock, since my home-made wood block with stapled-on Home Depot paper was an absolute bodge and a PIA.

Things are going much more, er, smoothly now and I figure I only have another eleventy-bazillion hours to go before it’s ready to, er…spray with primer and block down again.

I started out by cleaning the car off and wiping it down with solvent, then shooting some black lacquer on it as a guide coat. The lacquer didn’t love the cool conditions and it’s not as good as a dedicated guide coat, but it got the job done and let me see a bit of a trough just behind the front of the clam, along both edges of both doors, and here and there.


Black and/or shiny? Fill that sucker!

After cutting down the paint and then scuffing away the shiny black stuff in the low spots I fired up some heaters. . .


…and mixed up a lil filler.

And then I sanded it off again, mostly.

I adjusted both the doors as well and tightened the hinge bolts to get them as close to on-plane as they can be and hold them steady there while I’m at this. My three-foot level tells me the edges are getting pretty good.


These are never going to be as “arrow-straight” as a custom you’d see at SEMA. I’m shooting for “as good as or better then what Wendler would’ve delivered in 1955,” which we’re just about there.

I’ll probably need a couple more fills and sands before the back 3/4 of the car is ready to go to 220 grit and high-build primer. The insides of the doors will need smoothing/filling as well.

I haven’t done the front fenders at all yet but the hood is getting there, so I guess we’re 25 percent done with the blocking process.

Here’s hoping next weekend is warm enough that I can get out there and block some more.




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