Slow going

Weather’s been crappy and I’m not real happy. Not a lot of time to work on the car, rain and cold these weekends lately, and setbacks when I do work. That’s how it goes sometimes.

Installed the side mirror and made the gasket.IMG_2160

I put my Tenax posts in the back of the tub and started fitting my tonneau cover. It was going well until I thought to check the front posts with the plexi screen installed.


Crap! So I pulled that off, chalked a line an inch back for it to be shortened by my upholsterer and set it aside.

Been trying to recruit a painter. So far I’ve had three local dudes express interest as in “Yeah sure I’ll swing by and take a look at it tomorrow” or “next week.” But no one has called back.

Pulled out my paint and noticed my reducers are all formulated for HOT. Like 80 degrees F and up. Because I told the guy at the paint shop I’d probably be shooting the car circa July or August. Which was my intention for sure last February.


Anyway it’s 50 degrees and less in the shop these days which is pretty good for both puttering and tinkering but not so nice for wet-sanding or spreading body filler. I’ve been pondering how to make the license plate lights authentic, and fitting the rear grills.

Got ’em pretty close to right.


Picked up some stainless hardware yesterday that looks close to correct (the originals’ screws are a tad too short). Now it’s down to removing just a little bit more material from the openings to account for the thickness of the paint.


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