Lowering the driver’s seat

Decided to modify my cross rails to set the driver’s seat down. Four hours of cutting, drilling, grinding, welding and painting yesterday and we got about a half inch lower in the back.

The surprising thing is, I could feel it.


Here’s how it happened:



IMG_2121IMG_2123IMG_2124IMG_2125IMG_2126IMG_2128IMG_2127With the front of the seat raised 3/8 of an inch on washers, the back of the seat just barely clears the firewall on the last notch of adjustment, and that’s too far back for me. I can sit forward at least two notches and I believe my fat head will still be lower than the top of the short plastic windscreen then.

Today I’ll clean out the tub and slather some kitty hair into the two slots I made through the aluminum in the floor, then fit-up the shifter and e-brake handle with the seats and steering wheel one final time.

I think this is as good as it gets. After that it’s down to plugging and prettying-up the seat nut access holes in bottom of the floor pan, and I’m pretty sure I have that aspect covered.


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