Lowering the driver’s seat

Decided to modify my cross rails to set the driver’s seat down. Four hours of cutting, drilling, grinding, welding and painting yesterday and we got about a half inch lower in the back.

The surprising thing is, I could feel it.


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Shifter, e-brake, fabrication, seats and compromises

Today, a short illustrated essay on replica compromise. As is known, the Brandwood cable shifter is the go-to Spyder replica shifter.* It’s reportedly easier to set up and keep in tune than the Jamar linkage shifter that used to come standard. Both are pretty different from the exacting engineeringĀ in the original 550, but the cable box’s bulk makes for noticeable changes in the replica Spyder cockpit. Here’s the car I’m trying to copy.

You can see here how small the original shifter housing is. At about two inches off the deck, it tops out about even with the top of the front bulkhead.

Whereas my cable shifter…


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