Final rocker boxes and small parts

Those oval-holed rocker boxes the original Spyders had are quite a project on a replica.

Turns out not only do you need the three holes under the doors, plus the forward extensions to the front fender wells (oval holed on the passenger side, solid to mount the fuel pumps on the driver’s)—they also extend to the rear latches behind the firewall. Two more ovals.

Plus there’s a second stiffening piece above them.

Here’s the passenger side in a Spyder Factory copy of 550-0090:

Rear Firewall

You can see how the oval lines up with the torsion bar port, and there’s another slot to allow some access to the lower clam latch. The upper piece has an interesting compound radius curve that’s basically negated by the way the replica body is made. The slotted thing is for the key locks that we don’t have.

And on that side we’ll be running an Accusump roughly where that box is.

Ah well, on with it then! Continue reading