Wires, continued, and also other things

So it’s been more than a month since I updated the blog. Part of that is because I’ve been unusually busy: I started a new job in mid April and that’s really cut into my wrenching time.

So I’ve not been doing much on the car, but I’ve not been doing nothing, either.

The three main themes are 1.) body and paint; 2.) engine and details and 3.) wiring. Not in that order. Wiring’s been the main thing. And it’s been a slog. Or anyway, it was a slog, before a buddy on the Spyder site gave me the color-codes to the Thunder Ranch harness.

They’re the keys to the kingdom.

The car came with a harness, replete with wires and switches galore. Trouble was, the instruction manual referred me to a color-coded section that was absent from the book.


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