Small things

I spent about a week away from the project but dove back in the other day. We’re down to running the hard lines and wires now, plus the final bodywork and the punch-out list. One of the punch-outs was making the seat belt anchors and welding those in. Done.

I used the part of the “tunnel” I’d cut out a couple months ago to make room for the more Spyderesque gas pedal.


Nice thick steel, and just about enough of it.


Also made the throttle linkage piece that will mount to the firewall. IMG_0840.JPG

Yep, that bracket is for a storm door. I very much submit to the Robert Pirsig school of both Motorcycle Maintenance and practical fabrication.

I shortened the bracket and welded a tab to the other side to strengthen, which is probably overkill.


The lever will change the direction of throttle movement from the cable’s “pull” into a “push,” which means I’ll need a couple of Heim joints and some rod. From there it’ll attach to the existing hexbar linkage on the engine, although I’m also going to mod the linkage with Heim joints as well, because the original design tends to wear out quickly.

Key measurements are getting the linkage to have the correct “throw.” The hexbar arm only has to move about 3/4 of an inch to get to full throttle.

Since the pedal can pull about 2.5 inches, it’s time for a throttle stop. We need to reduce the pull to about 1.2 inches to match what’s needed at the engine, and keep the driver from stretching the cable or pulling it out with his right foot.

So now it’s down to getting a proper-length cable and sheath, securing one end to the floor and the other to the firewall, and hooking them up.

The firewall linkage will be up high and visible when the clam is up, and it’s going to be in about the same spot as the similar part on the original Spyders. I’m also going to install the V-shaped steel reinforcing bar that attaches to it on one side, and two the Spyder oil tank on the other side. On my car it’ll be a breather.

I don’t know what’s gotten into me with this make-the-junk-on-the-firewall-look-original thing. But might as well, I guess. It doesn’t seem (so far) to be any harder to do it this way than it would be to just make up my own system.

So with that squared-away I’ve started to rough-in my hard lines. I began with the fuel lines, since they’re the easiest.


Here’s some nice, fresh 1/4-inch coated steel fuel line. Just the ticket. The Spyder has two main pieces to bend up. The first goes from the tank, though the front firewall along the driver’s fender, down to the floor and around to the fuel pump. It’s about 34 inches.



On an original, this line would link to the fitting on the manifold for the dual Autopulse pumps. Mine will sneak in behind the pump mounting surface to meet up with the real pump and fuel filter, hence that bend up at the end. Once through that loop the line continues inside the rocker box through the firewall, where it turns left and jumps over the frame reinforcement atop the torsion housing, routes under and up into the fuel pressure regulator.IMG_0866.JPG

—which, right, is placed and designed to look very much like what original Spyders had.


With a couple of flares and a T connector I’ll route the rest behind my secondary clam latches and run soft lines to the Webers. So the fuel system is about 90 percent done.

Today I’ll tackle the clutch line, and then get into the brake lines. We’re closing in on this project.


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