Holy-ness is next to Porschey-ness

Projeckt Spare Tire Mount is close to completion now after a couple day’s drilling.


Started out Monday chasing those legs for the bent transmission brace. Mike at the muffler shop again came through with a length of 2-inch aluminized exhaust, and I trial fit it with the grinder until it kind of lined up.


IMG_9583.JPGI dragged the buzz box over and tacked the bars in place, then pulled the whole thing off to weld it more.


IMG_9587.JPGI ended up cutting little pieces to fill the gaps, then grinding the hell out of it when I was done. Fits nice though. IMG_9592.JPGLooks the part.

IMG_9594.JPGPicked the car up to drill the bolt holes (remember, this whole mess has to be easily removable or there’ll be no way to get the engine and trans in and out later).



IMG_9604.JPGThe new starter came so I popped that in to check clearances.

IMG_9606.JPGNo problem.

And let’s pause here for a moment to review what we’re trying to do. Here’s a shot of 550-0090’s starter and spare tire seat…

spare tire detail 2 0090.jpg

And here’s a picture of 550-0051—the car we’re copying—while under restoration about a decade ago…

0051 inner clam.jpgThe bent bar was the rear transaxle mount, and two bolts through the top secured the trans. On this car we’ll weld in nuts so the spare can be further secured by bolts if desired.IMG_9611.JPGThis is in case the leather straps aren’t enough. IMG_9523.JPGIn that vein, I also turned up the welder a notch and re-did the cross-brace welds for better penetration.

IMG_9615.JPG Unlike the stick welder, this 120/AC wire feed one does not want to burn through anything thinner than quarter-inch plate.

From there it was holes. Seventy-two of them in the bent pipes.IMG_9619That hole cutter is a nice bit of kit. I could not have cut these holes without it. But I did break the big cutting head on about hole number 68.

IMG_9625.JPGNot sure how or why. I used about a quart of 3-in-1 oil to keep things moving.

Got the last few done with a step drill.

Next thing was cleaning off all that oil, grinding the welds, hitting the bars with a little filler (to make the welds look less like I did them and more like someone who knows how to weld did them) and then, paint!


IMG_9638.JPGJust warm enough for a couple coats of primer and then three shots of black chassis/roll bar paint.



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