More frame extension/jack point

Fourth of July: eight hours welding, fitting, cutting, welding, fitting.

Almost there.

Started out making the bolt-through on the right side frame piece. This will be an attachment point for something like a lower beam—I want to be able to attach my standard VW tow bar to the car.

I started with this bit of tubing to keep the frame piece from collapsing if some macho boy gets hold of it later.

Welded all this up. Little pieces, big pieces. Not pretty, but pretty strong, once I got the welder dialed in.

Good enough for now. And it all lines up. So moved on to the other side.

Almost done. Still have to make the bolt-through on that side. I took a measurement off the beam on the passenger side and will match it on the driver’s side. It’s 8 1/8 inches. Then tack the bottoms on, check for size again, weld it up, grind it down.

I’ll bolt these through the main frame rails before welding them. I still need to make some kind of horn mounting tabs, so I want them removable for now.


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