Update: still not done

Since installing the engine a month ago I’ve gotten into the wires, got my new tires mounted on my new rims, and messed about with a front sway bar.

I also replaced the head gaskets on Bridget, my fake, Subaru-powered MGTD—which didn’t work, obligating me to pull that engine back out and try again.

Bottom line: I drove my 220,000-mile Nissan truck to the Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals this year, as neither of my “cool cars” was in running condition. Continue reading

Fan shroud project

This is sort of a vestigial post about my now abandoned (?) effort at making a proper(ish) center mount fan shroud for the Spyder. I post it now because there is renewed interest in this project from other Spyder guys, and because the One Guy who supposedly had tooled up to manufacture these and sell them for $1,500 a throw has, after years of promises, not yet done so.*

Let’s begin with the gold standard. (links to video)

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